Professional Rug Cleaning Services in Topsham, ME

Located in Topsham, ME, Luv Your Rug experts use professional products to clean and maintain rugs ensuring the longevity and appearance that you desire. With proven methods, we utilize a process that cleans rugs leaving them stainless and spot-free. We have one of our qualified technicians perform an initial inspection checking for any noticeable issues. Then, using a patented system, we remove every bit of loose debris that may have gathered over time. We then use industry-approved cleaning agents to rid of grease and any odors leaving your rug fresh and clean. Spots or stains that weren’t removed during the cleaning process will then be removed with our efficient spot removal products. After a quick dry, your rug is good as new.

Carpet and Area Rug Cleaning in Maine

Our Area Rug Cleaning Process:

Step 1: Oriental & Area Rug Cleaning Inspection
Whether you have an Oriental rug or any other type of area rug, our very first step is discussing the cleaning process with you and addressing your concerns. We visually inspect your area rug to make sure there are no underlying problems. We also do this to use our trained eyes to make note of any spots or stains. Sometimes on intricate Oriental styles, small spots are hard to see.

Step 2: Remove The Dry Soil From Your Area Rug
Luv Your Rug uses a patented system to safely and effectively remove years of loose debris from your area rug that regular vacuuming can never remove. This is a crucial step before any cleaning products are introduced. Our professional area rug duster machine produces 43,000 harmonic vibrations per minute to loosen dirt!

Step 3: Use Safe Oriental And Area Rug Cleaning Products
Depending on the soil level and/or any special problems your area rug may have, Luv Your Rug will use industry accepted professional cleaning agents to loosen greasy soils, address odor problems, and leave your area rug clean and fresh with a thorough rinsing afterward.

Step 4: Do Additional Spotting Work On Your Area Rug
Luv Your Rug uses professional spot removal products to work on any stains that were not removed during the initial area rug cleaning procedure. At this time, we also will do extra work on your fringes to make them nice and white again.

Step 5: Dry Your Area Rug, Vacuum Again, Groom It, Wrap It
We will use high volume fans and dehumidification to dry your area rugs thoroughly after cleaning. Once done, we will give it a final vacuuming and then comb out the face yarns to make them all nice for you. At this point we will apply a stain protector if you purchased one. When it's all dry, we will roll it up for you and wrap it up safely.

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Fill out our form below and tell us all about your Oriental and other area rugs you have. Try to include some important details for us so we can determine what is required to get you loving them again! Spots, stains, pet staining, age of rugs, sizes, fringes or not, etc. We will respond back and give you a pretty good idea of what this will cost you. If we have any questions, we will call you or write back.