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How to Care for Your Area Rugs

Luv Your Rug has a fine team of friendly rug cleaning and care specialists that are dedicated to their profession. These basic guidelines below will assist you in caring for your rugs, whether they are Oriental styled, other wools, cottons, and many of the synthetic styles out there. If you have specific questions, you are welcome to call us for service, or e-mail us and we will be happy to help you anytime. Check out our radio commercial too!


ROTATION: promotes even wear and use

Proper rotation of area rugsRegardless of size, construction, and fiber content, all Orientals and any other type of area rug should be rotated periodically. Depending on the frequency of foot traffic they get, rotate your area rugs at least once every year. This promotes even wear and use, and gives you the advantage of noticing any problems with them. Plus, it gives you an opportunity to clean underneath them. Consider rotating them more often if foot traffic is heavy.


CUSHIONING: pad provides comfort for you and no slippage

Area rug padding for proper careSo that the face years do not have to endure the weight and wear of foot traffic, you may wish to use a pad underneath. These can be very useful especially if you have thicker area rugs with cut pile yarns. There are a few types of pads available depending on the style which is most comfortable for you, and we sell different ones for you to choose from. If you buy and cut one yourself, cut it a couple inches shorter on all sides so that the area rug rests naturally and you do not trip. Feel free to ask us which is best for your flooring and area rugs.


VACUUMING: removes harmful soil and grooms the rug

Area rugs require proper vacuumingRegular vacuuming of your area rug is absolutely essential for proper maintenance. It also extends the time in between professional rug cleaning. Beater bar type vacuums are really best for cut pile rugs, but only if your beater bar is operating properly. Have us check it for you while we are there. If your area rug has a fringe, stay clear away from it when using a beater bar. Consider using a handy carpet rake too... they are easy and really make a huge difference in soil removal and appearance. Ask us about one and we will be happy to show you.


REMOVE SPOTS AND STAINS: prevents permanent damage

Area rug spill and stain removalSpills of any sort, spots, stains, food, dirt from outside should be removed as quickly as possible. This is especially true if you have an Oriental area rug or any area rug made from natural fibers like wool, cotton, or silk. These fibers will absorb staining much easier in a shorter amount of time. Some basic spot removal procedures are provided for you here, but please contact us if you need more assistance.


Basic Steps for Successful Spot Removal

  1. Be patient. Most problems occur when people frantically try to remove a stain or apply cleaning products in haste. Many store-bought products can cause more harm than good.
  2. Remove solids, if any. For food spills, vomit, etc., always try to gently scrape up any solids before further cleaning procedures. Scrape - do not smear. A credit card and a dustpan work nicely together to accomplish this.
  3. Blot up any liquids with a clean cotton towel. Do not brush or rub - just press straight down and blot. Fold up the towel and turn it over to use the other side until all of the liquid is absorbed. Repeat until liquids are removed as much as possible.
  4. Apply a mild rinsing agent with a sponge or spray bottle: 50% white vinegar and 50% warm water. Apply what is needed to cover and loosen any remaining spot residues. Do the blotting as above and repeat if necessary. (If after a few cycles, there is still staining material there, you should discontinue and call us).
  5. Allow to air dry. A household fan or cool to warm air from a hair dryer can be used to accelerate the drying.
  6. For stains that do not come out using this procedure, call us.


A Few Special Situations to Note

  • Wet mud and wet shoe debris: Often letting this dry completely and then vacuuming it out is the best way to remove it. More wetting = more mud.
  • Ink staining: Use procedure as above, but do not use that rinse solution. Use clear rubbing alcohol instead.
  • Coffee or tea: use 75% white vinegar and 25% water instead.
  • Pet urine: This is a serious problem that should not be ignored in any way. Delaying proper treatment can lead to permanent damage and serious odor a lot faster than you think. Please see this document to learn more about it.


For Regular Overall Cleaning

  • There is no substitute for a professional. Although there are machines you can rent or buy, results will never be the same as professional care. Often, you can even harm your area rug by using these. It costs nothing to consult us and we are always happy to help you. We will even show you how to take care of your rug, and even check your vacuum for free to make sure it's working correctly.

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